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            Our 陕西福彩app下载

            Our 陕西福彩app下载

            Business and private clients services

            Our market niche is local and overseas business and private clients who require a combination of professionalism, practicalism, cross border skills, sound local knowledge and a results-oriented approach to resolve their business problems.

            Our clients range from publicly listed companies, developers, banks, private companies and individuals, to different Government bodies.

            The key business sectors advised are: Banking and Financial 陕西福彩app下载, International Trade, Private Equity, Energy, Food and Beverage and Hospitality, Consumer Products, Media and Information Technology.

            To find out more about our services, please click on the practice areas below. 

            China陕西福彩app下载 Practice

            With experienced lawyers in both Hong Kong and Shanghai offices, OLN is well-placed not only to plan but also to execute and fully implement any clients’ business needs in the Mainland China陕西福彩app下载.

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            Corporate and Commercial Law

            Corporate and Commercial Law practice provides legal advice on a broad range of practical business issues in both Hong Kong and China陕西福彩app下载 for individual, corporate and multinational clients.

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            Commercial Fraud and Asset Tracing

            The OLN Fraud and Asset Tracing team have considerable experience in handling matters involving such scams in relation to commercial fraud, theft, money laundering and other related crimes.   

            Read More
            Dispute Resolution

            Our Dispute Resolution Practice Group takes a strategic approach to litigation, concentrating on outcomes rather than simply following process and ensuring minimum disruption to our client’s business relationships.

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            Employment and Business Immigration Law

            The Employment Practice Group is continually evolving and has gained a respected position with employers, employees and among our peers as being at the forefront of providing straightforward advice in this tricky area of law.

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            Family Law

            The Matrimonial Department prides itself on the ability to work with clients through emotional upheaval whilst quietly advising on the many disputes involving children and complex financial structures.

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            French Practice

            Led by a Paris registered advocate, our French Practice has been advising entrepreneurs and corporations on their expansion into Hong Kong and Mainland China陕西福彩app下载 for many years, building on the firm’s know-how with a French angle.

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            Insolvency Law

            We have extensive experience in both insolvency and restructuring work, and have represented appointment takers, banks, other creditors, creditors’ committees and debtors.

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            Insurance Law

            OLN has experience in resloving the legal, regulatory and practical challenges facing insurers and reinsurers throughout Asia. We also advise on disputes over coverage for claims under life and general insurance policies with the support from our Dispute Resolution Group.

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            Intellectual Property Law

            The Intellectual Property team provides practical advice and solutions with our understanding of the latest regulations and practices, the frequent updates of local government policies and branding positions in the Chinese-speaking market.

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            Personal Injury Law

            OLN's Personal Injuries team are experienced in handling many different types of personal injury claims, including those resulting from industrial accidents, traffic accidents, medical negligence, aircraft accidents and assault.

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            Private Client

            Our Private Client team provides effective bespoke solution to estate planning and asset management.

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            OLN can provide all the necessary resources to enable every startup to commence business with the benefit of proper advice, analysis and risk management.

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            Tax Advisory

            Staffed by a dedicated team of lawyers, certified public accountants and tax experts with knowledge and practical experience, OLN’s Tax Advisory Department prides itself in assisting clients to minimise tax risks and identifying opportunities in the most tax-effective manner.

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            We pride ourselves on our Japanese Desk service and have a team of Japanese-speaking lawyers stationed in Japan to attend to the needs of our Japanese clients in a timely manner.

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